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Shrimp Like I’ve Never Experienced!

So, here I am in Alaska–and my life has changed since I have had the privilege of tasting the best shrimp ever–when we caught spotted prawn in our shrimp pots off the Tongass Narrow Straight.  I have never seen shrimp this big!  I was also inspired to find more shrimp recipes.

raw shrimp

Spotted Prawns Ready to Cook–only a couple of hours pulled out of water!

shrimp 1

The Prawn is almost as big as the beer bottle!

shrimp 2

Steamed Prawn –Ready to Eat!

tasting shrimp

Oh…so good, I had to close my eyes!

shrimp ceviche

Fresh Shrimp Ceviche!

More Shrimp Recipes:

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Wild in Alaska

So—July 4th weekend kicked off last Friday with a long trek from Houston, TX to Seattle, WA and then on to Ketchikan, Alaska!  Over the weekend, I caught my first catch ever–a King Salmon with the help of my cousins.

King Salmon and Trish

Every morning, I wake up to a gorgeous view of the Tongass Narrow with float planes either circling, gliding, or puttering above and below us.  Every night, I see the calmness and tranquility of the water and she manages to lull me to sleep.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous right now—high 60s, low 70s, and SUNNY–very atypical of this rainforest city.

The best part is spending time with my boys and extended family here.  Will continue later!

Week #18 – Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate

rest This week, I am giving my body a break!  Since I’m out of town for work, timing is perfect.  This busy working mom of 2 is welcoming this time to take care of herself!  It’s so hard sometimes for people who like to be active to slow down, but active rest or recovery is essential for a healthy mind and body.   So, here, I’m stretching, eating well, walking, jacuzzing, and sleeping. At the end of my conference, I am thinking of scheduling a massage! Active Recovery: The Secret To Maximizing Your Training! –

Week 17 Weigh In & #10bloodystones

Week 17—157.0.  1 Dress Size Down. Last Week was 158.4.  Total = 17 pounds since February 2015,

It seems I am stuck on 157.  Every day this week, I ate broccolini–so that could have helped me get down this week.  I did enjoy myself some yummy beef enchiladas and a crisp, cool Corona Light Friday night.

This week, my biggest takeaways was that 1) I’m noticing that I’m surrounding myself with people who are very positive and who are either living a healthy lifestyle or seeking a healthier lifestyle 2) my time is becoming more precious and I don’t have time to BS anymore and 3) I’m wanting to be more by myself.  Since I used to be a heavily social eater, I noticed that I don’t initiate like I used to.  I’d rather cook and eat at home!  Which takes me to 4) I enjoy eating and cooking at home more than ever!  When I went to lunch with an old neighbor of mine, we were so looking forward to see each other, and even share with one another our recent health improvements.  She’s done an amazing job with her diet, and now she wants to get exercising.  She’s from England, and she said, “I’d love to be 10 stones again.”  “10 stones?” I asked.  She said, “Oh, in England, it’s 14 pounds per stone.”  “Aha!” I replied.   I would love to be 10 stones again too, I thought to myself!  I haven’t been 140 in about 10-12 years! So, yes, my new goal is get to #10bloodystones! #gettingtofit2015 #tmillerproject

Oh, btw…Here are pics of my photo shoots–the left was February 2014 and the right is June 2015.  Can you tell the difference? I think I look much healthier and happier.

Tricia (3)CPFH Final-6

Burned Out


The last couple of days I’ve had an emotional dip and I think the energy I put it in my fitness world and professional world have left me depleted.  As you all know I’ve been intense about my workouts–exercising 6 days a week for the last several months.  I have not missed a work out.  There are even days where I’ve done two workouts in a day.  I’m still at 157 –down 17 pounds from 174 several months ago.  I was hoping to get down to 154 this week.  I think that’s part of the burnout.  Every week, I have high expectations not only for myself physically but also professionally.  I am a public speaker as well, and the month or so I have been intensely focused on preparing a relationship series at my church.  I love fitness, and I love my career, but I really need to take a break!

And this is all in the midst of balancing my work life as a new therapist in private practice and being a mother to two highly energetic young boys under the age of 5 years old.  I am so looking forward to this mini-vacay–and there will be no structured workouts!  I am needing this time of rest and rejuvenation when I head out to a conference in Michigan next week–just me!  I plan on ordering room service, maybe get a massage, walking around the grounds, and letting myself be still.  Notice I did not say—splurging on meals!  I also have a highly active social life, so I am going to look forward to slowing it down.  I just don’t have the energy to give to outside relationships right now.  Perhaps, I’ll write more, read a book, and get some well needed zzz’s.  I’m looking forward to getting myself balanced again–so I can feel rejuvenated, recharged, and ready to take it on again.

So, that’s where I’m at right now.  #tmillerproject #restandrejuvination #burnedout #eatclean #gettingtofit2015


Week 16 Weigh In Update – Make the Change!

158.4–I’m up for 1 pound this week!  Friday had two meals of a little splurging—chips, a slice of pepperoni pizza, 4 mozzerella sticks, and a chocolate chip cookie! !  No splurges on Saturday or Sunday.  Back to eating more at home.  Now to tighten it up so that Week 17 will be the best week ever!

Several people who haven’t seen me in a while noticed my weight loss this weekend–so that feels good!  A friend at church asked about my weight loss, “So, what are you doing—and is it hard?” I responded with a big sigh, “YES!–It’s hard!” I also asked that person, “Are you willing to change?” It’s hard to change old habits–for this food addict–it’s a fight every day to make right decisions, but it’s only for the best–and you feel so much better about yourself when you do make the right decisions and stick to them.  Today, my husband was devouring into his leftover slices of pepperoni pizza, and the smell was so intoxicating!  I wanted one soooo bad!  I stuck to my guns!  Can’t have that shit….

Hope I can encourage you all out there–because right now I’m in the thick of the journey.

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