At the forefront of my life right now is my health.  I’ve had several health scares in the last several years that has gotten my attention.  In 2013, I developed severe preeclampsia with my 2nd child, and have been on high blood pressure medication ever since.  Leaving the hospital that February, I was on 5 different types of medications.  In January 2015,  I had some blood work done, and found that I have a prediabetic condition.  What?!  I thought I was healthy.  Even as a gym rat, there was no way, my health was out of control.  But, that was a wake up call. So, now, I’m at the fight of my life.  Making the lifestyle change now means all the difference in being on medication for life.  Scary.  And I am a hardcore foodie–which makes this journey harder.  Food is often the center of my world–it is the source of celebration, comfort, connection, and companionship.  So, I’ll be tracking my journey toward weight loss, a healthier, fitter me…

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