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Week 13 Weigh In and Goodbye 160s

Hello! I’m a brand new person! How about a before and 13 week after pic? This is after 14 pounds of weight loss:   Week 14 Begins today, and this will be the last week to be weighing in my 160s.  This morning I weighed in at 161.6–which is .8 lbs more than last week. After celebrating my birthday for almost a week, it’s time to get on a tight schedule and kick ass this week.  Just with the progress I’ve made, I feel so invigorated, uplifted, motivated, appreciated, and happier.  I don’t ever want to go back to my old self where I was sorta living.  That’s probably why this birthday was the best ever–I celebrated with a family dinner, friend dinner, spinning with friends, and a romantic date dinner.   While all these events were truly special, I believe the best gift I received was the gift I gave myself—the gift of believing in myself again. Here are some pics of my birthday celebrations:        

Fried Goodness

My good friend, Cuc Lam, who is a local private chef, sent me this pic of fried goodness today!  This is my weakness right here, y’all–some Southern Fried Chicken!  KFC reminds of my childhood–and of course, I’m an Original girl!  My Dad used to often swing by my house often with Popeyes or Church’s chicken in hand as well!  When I first met my husband, we bonded over Fried Chicken!  I asked him if he liked it as were sitting in front of a buffet table at a party, and he said assuringly, “Well…only with ketchup.”  (Heart melted).  He knows his fried chicken I thought–how sexy!  Some of my favorite fried goodies–chicken fried steak, shrimp tempura, crab puffs, eggrolls, fried calamari, fried shrimp and oysters.  I probably could go on! Cuc is also hosting my birthday dinner next week and I’m super super excited!  The menu has many of my favorite things.  Ugh…this is why it’s such a challenge to lose weight.  Good news is that I’ve had no fried foods this week!   Also, I’ve stayed …

Don’t Just Feed It, Fuel It!

I’ve always been proud of being a foodie!  The fact that I know my restaurants, types of cuisines, and yes, I am that person in the restaurant who takes photo ops with her phone!  While my love affair with food has probably existed most of my life, it also destroyed a big part of me with the health issues I developed in the recent years.  So here’s my challenge for this year–that I hope to see food from a different lens.   I still want to be that foodie–but perhaps, after all this, I’ll change into a different kind of foodie–maybe THE FITFOODIE!  With me changing my diet these last months, I’ve had to stay away from the lure of new gastronomic adventures!  Where I live in Houston, there are always tons of restaurant popping up!   (Ugh).  I’m trying to change the role of food in my life–so I’m not as dependent on it for  comfort, companionship, and excitement.  Instead, food’s MAIN purpose for me should be fuel, energy, and long term health sustainability.  So, here’s to my …

Week 9–Just Keep Going.

If you’re in the middle of trying to achieve a life changing goal—there will be struggles…and triumphs along the way….JUST KEEP GOING! Today marks Week 9: I’m down 9 pounds since this journey all began in February.  I would like to reach 160 by mid next month (my bigger goal is be under 140, drop my blood sugar levels, and reduce and/or nix the blood pressure medication.) I’m gonna to keep going—with my 6 days of cardio, weight regiment,  and clean diet. My biggest struggle continues to be aspects of this new diet–I still get sugar cravings.  Yesterday, I was craving a tapioca milk tea bad—and almost went out of my way to get one while out in the city….but I told myself NO!  When I do end up giving into sugar, I end up only taking a piece of something–like a piece of dark chocolate–I think I did that twice last week.  My challenge last week was that there were several social events with very little healthy food options available!  On Thursday night, everything was fried Cajun …

My Problem with Cheating

This article had perfect time since I feel kinda guilty this past since I had half a chocolate chip pecan cookie (the real name is Buffalo Chip cookie from Tres Market Pantry–my favorite stop for homemade anything) on Thursday and half a strawberry cake slice on Saturday.  Do you have a cheat day?  Or did you just cut cheating all the way?  My cheat is sweets!

I Scream for Ice Cream!

So—this made my day as I pulled up for a mid week Kroger run!  Many of the grocery stores in Houston, Texas were pulling Blue Bell ice cream products out of their freezers last week due to the hysteria on Listeria!  But this made my day! #welcomebackbluebell #didanyonesayrockyroad (haha get it?)  

Week 6 Update – More Sugar Cuts…No…Not my coffee!

Week 6 Update  (Had Nutritionist Appt. at Doctor’s Office on 4/7/2015) – Weight = 167 – No change from last week.  And I’ve decided to start weighing in every Friday morning.   So–since 2/23/15–I’m still -7 pounds.  And I bought a home scale too, so I can track on one consistent scale too! Gosh, I was a little disappointed since I wanted the scale to move a little more this week.  But–more work to be done.  Today, my nutritionist pointed out something that she thought was detrimental to my diet.  Of course–I thought it was harmless–but that’s the denial working in me again!  I really hadn’t logged it in in my food log, but it was pretty significant.  About 5 times a week, I have coffee, and I enhance it with a little sugar and a little of Nestle Cafe’s Bliss Hazelnut creamer.  So freakin’ good! Sometimes I don’t have to add sugar, but the creamer has that extra sweetness. She proceeded to tell me that it contained transfat, and that it wasn’t good for me.  That sucks!  …