Just a little bit about me!

  • Family girl–love my big extended family;
  • Texas girl by heart, but born in the Windy City;
  • Proud to be Filipino-American (see first bullet);
  • Busy Momma of 2 boys under age 4;
  • I love my part-time career as therapist–my niche is working with women in transition and couples;
  • Big Foodie!–love the experience of food–the way it connects people;
  • Favorite foods–CHOCOLATE; Sushi; Tex-Mex; Vietnamese, Homemade Filipino Food (made by my mama), Southern Food –juicy fried chicken and mashed potatoes with country gravy!;
  • Fitness Enthusiast – enjoy working out with weights, recent Revolution Studio member (indoor cycling), walking, ex-Crossfitter;
  • Friendly, Social, and Fun!;
  • Recently discovered baking;
  • Favorite TV Shows: Game of Thrones, The Wire, The Bachelor (Guilty Pleasure), Millionaire Matchmaker, Downton Abbey




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