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One Year Update: The Road to Healthy

Howdy Folks!  My name is Tricia Miller, I’m a working mom of two boys, age 5, and age 3, from Houston, TX.   A little over a year ago, I casted my struggles out to the world wide web, hoping to net motivation and support in my journey towards a healthier lifestyle.  Going “online” has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in continuing to share my story in hopes of giving encouragement and bringing motivation to people who may need a jumpstart in their life.

Here is my 1 year anniversary update!

In January 2015, I received a shocking borderline diabetic diagnosis from my general practionioner.  At age 37, I was taken aback!   I thought that only happened to “older” people.  At that time, I was already on my second year of taking blood pressure medication that was brought on from developing severe pre-eclampsia during the third trimester of my second pregnancy in 2013.  For two years, I have been under the care of a cardiologist, who monitored my blood pressure, and conducted regular EKG tests to monitor my heart.   Whenever I had a my cardiologist visits, I was always the youngest person in the room–not good!  To compound my health issues, I had knee issues too!!! Ugh! In  September 2014, I underwent my 2nd ACL surgery, and 2nd arthroscopic surgery for a meniscus tear.  My first ACL surgery happened in college while at The University of Texas at Austin playing intramural soccer.  Only in my mid 30s, my health was gradually deteriorating, and last year in January, I said to myself, Enough is Enough. I wanted my life back–I wanted my health back–I wanted to feel good about myself again. I dreamed of a life where I could be active with my two young boys either playing baseball or practicing soccer drills in the backyard. I dreamed of a life where I didn’t have to pop that blood pressure pill every morning at 9 o’clock! And to be honest, I dreamed of a life where I could feel good in a comfortable pair of jeans–and feel good about trying on things in the dressing room at the mall.  So many times, I had left Macy’s feeling depressed after trying on dresses, so I eventually stopped trying clothes all together! So I decided to take the risk, and MAKE A CHANGE!

My love for food had taken a toll, and what food meant to me growing up–would have to mean something differently.  OVEREATING was killing me softly.  This was particularly hard since I grew up in first generation Filipino-American family where food is a constant companion.  We show our love for one another for feeding each other.  Whether it’s the simplest of homecooked meals to a grand celebration with extended family members and friend, food is taken seriously!  Cooking and eating is an art!  My mom always–even now–has a warm, pot of rice in the rice cooker available at any time of the day!  My relationship with food had to be examined, and redefined in order for me to get healthier!

As a result, in February 2015, the climbing began.  I sought the help of a nutritionist from Advice for Eating–which I heard about through Memorial Information Trading (MIT).  My neighbor–who I did carpool with– also vouched for the nutritional counselors as she reached out to them for help after the birth of her 3rd child.  That 6 month plan was the Best. Money. Ever.  Spent. Actually, I like to think of it as an investment!  The knowledge I had about nutrition was a life giving gift.  With the help of a nutritionist, I learned how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat!  This was a missing piece from all the times I started attempts to lose weight before.  EDUDATION.  As a previous teacher and school counselor of nine years in the school system, I responded well to my nutritionist’s “lesson plans and homework assignments.”  To compliment my food plan, I got on an exercise plan with the help of a friend from the gym.  And the kicker and the best thing that happened was I built (unknowingly) a positive and motivating support group around me in and out of the gym.  I had my healthy entourage around me.  I was not alone! Most importantly, I dug deep emotionally, and eventually developed the determination that carried me through the year and even today.

In a little over  a year, here are my main accomplishments!

  • I finally have discipline, determination, and will power (you can’t lose weight, without this trifecta)
  • I have lost 27 pounds since January 2015
  • Down 2 dress sizes–I still hate dressing rooms though!
  • No More on blood pressure meds as of December 2015
  • No longer having borderline blood sugar levels for Type II Diabetes.
  • My right knee is stronger than ever–and as strong my left.  I can even run almost 2 miles!

Note–something I learned about my weight loss.  Weight Loss was just a byproduct of the determination and discipline I developed in my head.  My mental attitude had to change before any physical change could happen.

I don’t claim to have the magic formula in weight loss, there are probably a million ways to do it, but I sure have learned a lot this year about myself–and what it means to be healthy–even emotionally–that’s a whole other blog post!  This year, I’ve definitely learned so much more about the human spirit and the need to connect with others and the importance of support when enduring a challenge and/or hardship in life.

To all of you trying to get on the healthy train, don’t give up, or if you are already on it, keep showing up and killin’ it!  I’m here to motivate and elevate you! I’ve got an incredible story that I will continue to share with you! And I’m not done…I’m still going, and still have goals…so stay tuned! Please feel free to email me at if you want to drop me a line or tell me about yourself!  I have an open door!


Here are some pics that capture my 1 year plus of weight loss:

September 2014

One week post ACL surgery with my friend, Han Wright

October 2014

Off to see Oprah with knee brace!

jan 2015 trish pic

At my heaviest weight, 174

April 2015

Slowly paying off

August 2015

Lost 14 pounds by my birthday

June 2015

feelin’ good

October 2015

Halloween Happy

December 2015

Feb. 2015

At my son’s Valentine School Party



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Texas girl at heart who loves her family time, Filipino heritage. fitness, food, friends, and her career as a therapist! I'm a little girly but can hang with the boys any day! I've got 2 of my own! I enjoy people, and hearing their stories. Feel free to drop me a line and say hi!

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  1. Good for you!!! You look great! We should get our 5 year olds together sometime:) Being an older mom (46) I’m also really focused on staying in shape so I can keep up with my son! You are inspiring!


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