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I. AM. Feeling. Powerful.

better than yesterday

Week 2 of 12  my First Weight Lifting Cycle.

12 Week Goal from Late July  – October 2015 : Get under 150, Gain Muscle.

Goals Achieved in 12 Week Cardio Cycle from April – June 2015 : Lost 19 pounds, Cleaned Diet, Increased Self Confidence, Gained Discipline in Fitness and Nutrition

I am feeling leaner and even more importantly POWERFUL.  Something in me has changed–my inner fire is stronger and wiser.  I feel such great motivation at this time–perhaps it’s knowing where I began earlier this year weighing in at over 174 plus pounds.  Today I am 156. My body is leaner and definitely stronger….Because I got my weight down, I am no longer obese according to BMI standards!  Yes–accomplishment!

This is me at the gym today at 7:45 a.m….I know I get annoyed with people who take gym selfies–but I’m just proud.  My new lifting cycle is structured so I lift 5 times a week, ending with a 15 minute burst of cardio on the stairmaster.  Today I was ambitious and did a 45 minute spinning class at the end of day’s weight lifting workout! (I’m not supposed to do that!) Muscle groups are divided across the week with Chest on Monday, Back on Tuesday, Legs on Wednesday, Shoulders on Thursday, and finally Biceps and Triceps on Friday. This is me, today, finishing up Arms–which is probably my FAVORITE day!

gym 08-07

My physique is much stronger, and I am PUSHING myself to achieve lifting goals that I have never accomplished before in my fitness history.  Many people at my gym have noticed the difference in me–and that feels encouraging!  Even people who I haven’t seen in a while in my friend circle are wondering what I’m doing.  My response to them is that I still have a long way to go, but I tell them thank you, and share with them how I had to change!  I was eating carelessly and indulgently!  I also tell them about the people who have helped me along the way–it’s not just me!  I have people motivating me in the background!  So–this Friday, I am happy, happy, happy (as Si would day from Duck Dynasty), and continuing to push myself into something new, and something better than yesterday.  #tmillerproject #justsweat #iampowerful #gottagrow

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