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Alaskan Adventure

The past two weeks have just flew by here in Ketchikan, Alaska.  I would never believe in a lifetime I would be deep sea fishing in the Pacific Ocean nor camping somewhere in Alaska’s Inside passage.  This city girl was in for a big surprise!  My two little boys are two different boys now.  They are nature lovers, avid explorers, and sea enthusiasts.  My older boy hiked a very difficult landscape in Bell Island, and never once complained!  Every morning he would ask if he was going on the boat that day.  My other little one demanded to go fishing with his older brother, “Me go fishing with Jacob!”  The two of them are even more bonded with their hungry cousin Logan!

One of the highlights was the amazing seafood!  Wild, fresh, and abundant!  I’ve had Dungeness crabs, spotted prawns, squid, halibut, king salmon, clam, and cod on a rotational basis!  Cooking our trophies and spending time together as a family enjoying this bounty has been amazing.  The first day we went fishing I caught the King Salmon, and we cooked it that night!  Now—that doesn’t happen every day!  I’ve got more to share, but it has been adventure that has pushed me out of my city girl ways!


View of boat from camping site (Blind Pass Cabin) in Tongass National Forest


Beach combing on July 4th



the boys at totem bight

Cousin-Brothers (Logan, Nico, and Jacob)


My Halibut Catch off of Cape Chacon (south of Prince Wales Island)


Sun peaking at 3 am– on our way fishing

Jacob loves Coffee

A Happy Camper with his first “coffee”

crab cracker

Miller lunch downtown.


Totem Bight National Park

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