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Fab Five Friday Food Share

friday food share

For this Fab Five Friday’s Food Share, here are 5 tips that helped me and hopefully they can help you too!

1) Do a Drive-By Instead of a Drive-Thru – I get it!–You are craving Wendy’s Biggie French Fries or that Chic-Fil-A Sandwich or maybe it’s that Taco Bell fix that sounds soooo good but leaves you feeling gross afterwards or the #2 Whataburger combo meal.  Fast food is almost at every corner in Houston it seems like!  I used to crave a Beef Meximelt, Nachos Supreme, and Beef Crunchy taco for my SNACK.  These spontaneous food moments feel so good at the moment and seems like a great idea–but then the regret always settles in and you kinda feel gross–kinda like a one night stand!  Well–from what I’ve heard 😉 but you get the drift.  And ummm, that Taco Bell trifecta added up to like 1,180 calories!  (calculated via MyFitnessPal)  So–just keep on driving and do not run for the border! You don’t need those extra fast food calories on you!

2) No More Juicin’– I used to drink apple and orange juice every morning, but juices contain a lot of sugar.  Looks at the left food label below—one serving (one 8 oz. cup) contains 28 grams of sugar, and total carbohydrates in one apple juice equals 29 grams of sugar.  So–the carbs here are MOSTLY ADDED SUGAR.  Don’t be fooled with the picture of the healthy apple.  Remember, Eve got fooled too with the apple—and Snow White!  Now I drink skim milk in the mornings instead of juice.  For someone like me who is borderline diabetic, I had to cut my sugars out!

apple juice mottt1

3) Download the MyFitnessPal App – I know you are probably hesitant to do this because you think you have your diet under control and this is just one more thing to your agenda, BUT let me tell you.  This app has saved my life.   Since my eating was out of control–I really had no clue what I was putting in my body on a daily basis.  I actually thought what I was eating was healthy.  I didn’t realize I was eating sweets almost every day!  Just like the scale, this app keeps me accountable every day, and it doesn’t feel right not to log in.  It’s almost like a game to me, and I’m the one that has to win at the end of the day.  YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT IF YOU ARE CONSISTENT WITH LOGGING YOUR FOOD.  Why?  Because–you will hate seeing that you ate cookies three days in a row, and having to log it in.  You will hate seeing how many calories is in that bacon cheeseburger or in that La Madeline Chicken Ceasar Salad (btw–that’s not healthy at all) or how much calories that added up because of all rice you had at lunch and dinner combined.  You will think twice about eating it!  My Fitnesspal App

4) Enjoy a cheat meal once a week.  But don’t make it a cheat day or cheat week!  I used to cheat every day with cookies or chips or both!  Just pure junk.  Cheat days can ruin your whole week’s work put in.  Do it for one meal and enjoy yourself.  Let’s be realistic here.  You don’t have to give up your favorite dishes all together.  Treat yourself occasionally.  I like to go out to eat and indulge once a week, but I’m careful not to go overly crazy and not take in 1000 calories in one sitting–which is so easy when it comes to Tex Mex!

5) Have a good post work-out snack ready on hand! I love my Kind Bars!  150 calories a bar, and it’s my go to after my spinning class.  Also–if I’m on the road, I’ll usually have this on hand.  There are a variety of flavors available, but this is my favorite!!!!  #kindbars

kind bars 

So, see y’all next week!  You can do this!  Watch your calories this weekend!

#eatclean #tmillerproject #foodieforlife #gettingtofit2015 #goingfromfattofit


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