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Fried Goodness

My good friend, Cuc Lam, who is a local private chef, sent me this pic of fried goodness today!  This is my weakness right here, y’all–some Southern Fried Chicken!  KFC reminds of my childhood–and of course, I’m an Original girl!  My Dad used to often swing by my house often with Popeyes or Church’s chicken in hand as well!  When I first met my husband, we bonded over Fried Chicken!  I asked him if he liked it as were sitting in front of a buffet table at a party, and he said assuringly, “Well…only with ketchup.”  (Heart melted).  He knows his fried chicken I thought–how sexy!  Some of my favorite fried goodies–chicken fried steak, shrimp tempura, crab puffs, eggrolls, fried calamari, fried shrimp and oysters.  I probably could go on!

Cuc is also hosting my birthday dinner next week and I’m super super excited!  The menu has many of my favorite things.  Ugh…this is why it’s such a challenge to lose weight.  Good news is that I’ve had no fried foods this week!   Also, I’ve stayed away from Mexican restaurant chips!  I wonder if I can do fried only once a month!  Perhaps, I’ll save it for my “First Frieday” of the month.  I know I’m so goofy.  #foodieforlife #gettingtofit2015 #tmillerproject

fried chicken birthday menu

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Texas girl at heart who loves her family time, Filipino heritage. fitness, food, friends, and her career as a therapist! I'm a little girly but can hang with the boys any day! I've got 2 of my own! I enjoy people, and hearing their stories. Feel free to drop me a line and say hi!

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  1. cucmonsta says

    If only I could say no to Fried Chicken as well!! I am super psyched about cooking for your party next week! Stay strong, girl and we’ll celebrate! I LOVE THE first FRIEDAY on the month idea!! get it started! ❤ u!


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