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Week 5 Weigh-In Update & My Inner Cookie Monster

So–there is good and bad news!  Good news is that I’m down MINUS 7 since February 23rd-my D Day–my Decision Day–the day that the scale wavered around my highest weight ever at 174 pounds in my 37 years of existence!  So–exactly 5 weeks later (3/30/15)–I’m at 167, and it feels so good to be down!

While I feel that is major progress, I realize there is so much more work to be done.  I’ve made better decisions at restaurants and in general, I am more conscious of what I put in my mouth!  It’s not “what I just feel like” for the day. I’ve also put in 6 days of working out, Monday-Saturday.  This past week, I put it 3 days of spinning @ 45 minutes, 3 days of stairmaster/treadmill @ 1 hour, and 2 days of doing leg weights!

Today, my dietician pointed out something in my diet log on MyFitnessPal app.  She said, “Do you realize you eat cookies every day?”  Shockingly, I wondered, “Um…uh….I do?! I did have cookies last night, and I guess the day before…are you sure?!”  I guess I was still in denial!  She challenged me, “If you cut your cookies–or simply get rid of them in your house–you could cut so much of those empty calories out! You don’t need five varieties of cookies!” I was still in shock, “You mean I was eating cookies EVERYDAY?”

The truth is—Yes, I was still continuing my cookie habit.  I was still in denial about my sweet tooth.  I rationalized my behavior often: hey, what’s a couple of Girl Scout thin mints here?, and one or two Milanos there? How harmful could they be?

So—what am I gonna do?  I will get rid of my cookie stash–and just keep 1 box of cookies–after I cry and throw a temper tantrum!  And I will not eat a cookie every day! Goodbye Oreo, so long Milano, arrivederci Chocolate Chip cookie from my favorite bakery!  Let’s see how being cookieless goes!  I’m hoping to reach 160 or under by my birthday in 6 -7 weeks on May 14th!  So, here’s to letting go my inner cookie monster in April and beyond!

#gettingtofit2015 #justsweat #nomorecookiemonster

Spoken from the Cookiemonster himself, I need to follow his advice! 

cookie monster



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  1. Love it!!! This is so inspiring. I have an inner cookie monster too! I am one this journey to get healthier physically,spiritually and emotionally as well. Looking forward to your posts triciamiller10! I love reading about normal women that admit to the challenges that we all face. Thank you for keeping it real!!!


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