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Do You Have a Health Buddy?

If healthy living is important to you, and either you are trying to reach new and challenging goals or perhaps, you are just trying to maintain  your healthy lifestyle–do you have a health buddy?

For the past several months, one of my good girlfriends–Leanna–and I have been supporting each other with our diet goals.  Oh, I forgot to mention I hate the word “diet!” Leanna and I share many things in common–and even our lifestyles are similar as we live in the same community in Houston.  She also has two toddler age boys like me and in our circle of friends, we are always exposed to many opportunities to celebrate and eat!   We both have dangerous sweet tooths, and she loves to bake!  I just picked up baking earlier this year when my husband bought me cooking lessons as a Christmas gift last year.   We love cupcakes, cookies, and other decadent treats.   Oh, the sugar! When we had a party earlier this year at our house, Leanna made this sinful concoction of cream cheese, confectionary sugar, and chocolate chips.  You can either dip your graham cracker of apples slices into it.  Unfortunately, SUGAR has both killed us over the years.  Right now, she is adjusting to her new gluten free diet–where I am on a low sugar, low fat diet.  My health buddy and I are both trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle with nutritious foods and an active physical routine.  Did I mention again that I love, love, love Revolution Studio?

We text each other on a regular basis–whether we are up or down in weight, whether we are having a great workout week or not, and whether we have stuck to the plan.  More importantly, we reach out to one another when we the cravings hit!   I either like something with chocolate in it or something fried!  Either which way-we cheer each other on, stay non-judgmental, and encourage each other to envision our goals again.  It’s almost like we use to each other to refocus/recalibrate.  When we go out to eat, we are both very conscious of our meals!

So–yes, we will celebrate!  If we continue to lose weight, and both meet a certain weight goal in the months–I think that number is 150 (that’s minus 20 for me), we are not going to instinctively splurge with a celebratory meal, but instead, we will have a girls spa day!  But, of course, we won’t stop there—we will keep on pushing through!  I’m really lucky to have her in my life–and I know she can do it–she can be the healthiest ever if she continues on her path–and she is down 10 pounds already in the last 2 months!  Yay!!!  The pink picture on the left below reminds me of Leanna’s mentality–I love her sailor’s mouth!  #gettingtofit2015 #getitgirls #justsweat #healthbuddiesforlife

fit and healthy one workout at a time

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Texas girl at heart who loves her family time, Filipino heritage. fitness, food, friends, and her career as a therapist! I'm a little girly but can hang with the boys any day! I've got 2 of my own! I enjoy people, and hearing their stories. Feel free to drop me a line and say hi!

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