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Weekly Weigh In

Did my weekly Saturday Weigh-In this morning, and I’m 169!  I’m finally breaking 170…and down about 5 pounds in the last 3 weeks!  Must keep going strong with the intense cardio and clean diet!

Just some of my meals this week:

Baked Salmon and Romaine, Arugula Salad with Blood Oranges, sprinkled with little feta and honeyed pecans

salmon and salad IMG_5906

Fancy Meal of the Week: Shrimp and Scallop Lemon Risotto at Costa Brava Restaurant


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Texas girl at heart who loves her family time, Filipino heritage. fitness, food, friends, and her career as a therapist! I'm a little girly but can hang with the boys any day! I've got 2 of my own! I enjoy people, and hearing their stories. Feel free to drop me a line and say hi!

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